Here’s why coaches simply love using CoachVantage:

Designed for simplicity

Large, friendly menu icons and an intuitive interface make it so easy for you to use. An intuitive interface results in a short learning curve for you.

Hit the ground running the moment you start using CoachVantage to manage your coaching practice.

Painless scheduling for you and your clients

Are you playing email tic-tac with your clients to schedule/re-schedule coaching sessions? Or worse, are you blocking off time slots, pending confirmation, that could otherwise be filled by paying clients? Horrors! 

Put a stop to your scheduling headache. CoachVantage lets you set available time slots and rescheduling rules. Allow self-service bookings by your clients, even if they are in different time zones.

Send auto reminders to yourself and your clients. Minimize cancelled sessions and maximize your business.

Client info and notes all in one place

You don’t need to wade though file binders or My Documents to search for client info and session notes.

Everything you need to know about your clients – their profile, notes, sessions, contracts and invoices – is nicely organized in one place and retrieved at a click.

You also have the convenience of making a Skype call to your coachee directly from CoachVantage.

Log your coaching hours with one click

If you’re looking to get ICF certified, you will love this!

Forget the hassle of manually tracking and recording your coaching hours. With CoachVantage, your coaching time for every session is automatically logged at the click of a button so you capture every minute of it.

You will never forget logging your coaching sessions again which means you get credentialed sooner, and deservedly so.

Shared workspace for client collaboration (Aha! Plan Only)

Share files and documents securely with your clients so you’re always in sync with each other.

Add custom branding to your workspace for that touch of professionalism.

Contracts, invoices, session notes, audio, video and other files can be shared and downloaded. A great tool that facilitates client collaboration.

Simple invoicing

Create invoices then email them to your clients. You can add a PayPal payment button too if that’s what you use to collect payments.

You can easily customize invoices with your personal branding, add service descriptions and payment terms.

Once you’ve received payment, hit the Paid button for that invoice so you know that money’s in your bank. Your Dashboard tells you exactly how much revenue you’ve earned.

Data ownership, privacy and security

Your data is your data. It’s as simple as that.

When you put your trust in us, we honor it. Your data is 100% private and secure. And it’s backed up daily on our secure servers.

Cloud storage

Never lose your business-critical data in the event that your PC crashes. Upload your documents and files to our secure servers. You have access to your data where ever you have an internet connection.

Your data is backed up daily for your peace of mind. We provide 50GB of storage space for Clarity Plan subscribers and 100GB for Aha! Plan subscribers.

Get started with CoachVantage now.

Clarity Plan$39/month
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Contracts
  • Unlimited Invoices
  • Scheduling & Auto-Reminders 
  • Log Coaching Hours
  • 50 GB File Storage including audio and video files
Aha! Plan (Coming Soon!)$49/month
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Contracts
  • Unlimited Invoices
  • Self-Service Scheduling & Auto-Reminders
  • Log Coaching Hours
  • 100GB File Storage including audio and video files
  • Shared Workspace For Client Collaboration
  • Personal Branding
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