How to Captivate your Community

Posted by Glen Oliveiro on December 20, 2018, in Coaching Business


So, you want to build a tribe?

A cult-like group of followers who believe in your brand. You want your community to identify themselves with your brand.

As a coach, you ARE the brand. Your thoughts, your voice, your look, your story and your beliefs…everything about you is a reflection of your brand. Your brand builds the emotional bonds with your tribe. And that’s important because people make decisions (including ‘Buy’ decisions) based on emotions and feelings.

The question is, how do you consistently captivate your community for brand loyalty and get them to the ‘tipping point’? Read on…

Your Leadership Matters

Through regular engagement with your community, you hold in your hands the ability to convert neutral visitors to loyal fans and followers. Your objective is to deliver substantial and meaningful content. They joined your community in the first place because something about you and your voice clicked with them. The opportunity is now yours to forge stronger bonds and develop a deeper relationship with your tribe through engagement and two-way participation.

As the leader of your community, do encourage participation and dialog among your members. Think of yourself as the catalyst that sparks lively and even controversial discussions. Create an atmosphere where people have an outlet to voice their opinions, share their aspirations, challenges and goals.

Your community platform is a space that gives you the freedom to elaborate upon what you and your brand stand for. Be clear in describing your purpose, your mission and the type of people you love to work with to help them achieve their goals. Be crystal clear about who you are, what you do and whom you help.

Aspire to Inspire!

A key aspect of captivating your community is to inspire and raise awareness of the potential that lies within them. Give examples of people whose lives you have transformed through your coaching. Talk about case studies of people whom you’ve helped to achieve their life or career goals. If you have permission to use your clients’ names as references, even better! Success stories are always motivational and a great source of inspiration.

You will learn more about your community by constantly asking them questions. Be curious about what’s going on in their lives, career and business and the challenges that they face. Encourage them to talk about their achievements, pain points or obstacles and struggles. You will learn a great deal from this and it will help you crystallize your message on how you can help them during your one-on-one conversations.

By captivating your audience with interesting topics, lively banter, helpful tips and motivational messages, they will be enamored with you and your voice. Think about leading and steering your followers and audience to be active participants in your community. The more active you are in sparking discussion, the livelier your group will be.

Be creative, spontaneous and pleasantly surprise them by rewarding them for their participation from time to time!

Are you Engaging Everyone?

In your community, there will be the shy ones who prefer to remain quiet observers and there will be livewires who are the ‘power contributors’. To encourage greater participation, think of simple ways to reward members for being active contributors. Give them opportunities to promote themselves and their business on your Facebook group page.

Provide ‘air time’ for them to speak about their challenges, accomplishments and milestones that they have reached. These open channels of communication can generate a culture of support in the group that will spur others to achieve great things themselves.

As your audience grows and participates more enthusiastically in your community platform, be mindful that you do not inadvertently provide free coaching. This is not your objective! You have a lot to offer and there is a justified price for your coaching services and the value that you bring to your clients. For now, you are stepping through the process to convert your community to paying clients.

It’s ok and even expected of you to provide tips and general techniques to your community as you demonstrate your expertise in your area of specialty. The art here is to engage with your community without giving away free coaching sessions. You want to pique their curiosity but not give away everything you have to offer and all your strategies for free.

The Tipping Point

When your interaction with your community reaches a level in which they feel like they know you personally, this is the ‘tipping point’ for you and your coaching business. What do I mean by the ‘tipping point’? This is when there is a shift in how they think of you.

When it becomes evident that you are in sync with their needs through solid examples of how you have helped others in similar situations, when your methods and voice resonate with them, you will be viewed as a trusted solution provider. They have heard from you, recognize you, like you and trust you. You have successfully captivated your community.

This is a significant milestone because they have warmed up to you and will be more receptive to your offers. At this stage, when you start offering webinars, telesummits, meet-ups or discovery calls to address specific issues or challenges faced by your community, you can expect to receive a lot of interest. They will want to book a discovery call with you.

With the CoachVantage app, your prospects can easily schedule a time to have a discovery call with you, based on the availability rules that you set up. It also syncs with your external calendars like Google, iCal and Outlook, so you’re never double booked. You can sign up for free here.

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