Get Started with CoachVantage in Under 15 Minutes

These snappy how-to videos will get you off the blocks very quickly so you can get the most out of CoachVantage to manage your coaching business.

Getting Started

This video gives an introduction to CoachVantage, what to do when you log in for the first time, how to set up and edit your account settings and how to sign up for a paid plan from within your account.

Adding and Managing Contacts

This video shows you how to import your contact database from a spreadsheet to your CoachVantage account as well as how to add, edit and remove contacts directly in CoachVantage.


Automated Scheduling

This video guides you through setting up your online scheduling page so your clients and prospects can book a time to meet with you. Learn how to personalize your scheduling page, connect your external calendars to sync with CoachVantage and how to create and publish your events for automated scheduling based on the availability rules you configure.


Manage Client Contracts and Sessions

In this video, you’ll learn how to populate a contact’s profile with details of your coaching contract, set up coaching sessions and appointments with your clients, configure automated session reminders, view and export your coaching log with details of all completed coaching sessions.


Creating Invoices

In this video, you’ll learn how to personally brand your invoice with your company logo, set up the PayPal Pay Now button on your invoice, create and send invoices to your clients in one click. You’ll also see how to view your dashboard for earned and forecast revenue.