Using Video to Attract your Clients

Posted by Glen Oliveiro on January 22, 2019, in Coaching Business Coaching Skills


In today’s connected world, we’re able to connect with people in so many different ways. Thanks to social media, online video sharing sites and blogs, the psychology of the human mind is shifting from traditional print to more visual, interactive communications and branding.

Sharing relevant video content about your coaching practice can help you get leads, build trust with your ideal audience, and keep your name top of mind. It allows the viewer a unique opportunity to get to know you before he or she invests time or money in connecting with you more personally.

Have you ever read an email that felt unnecessarily critical, only to follow it up with a conversation that then made you realize there was no harm intended? It can be hard at times to decipher the tone of a written message.

Video content solves that problem. It helps clarify messages that sometimes get lost in translation.  

Instead of reading someone’s words posted on social media or shared in a blog, video content allows the viewer to identify positive (or negative) body language, and maybe even understand the presenter’s EQ.

As a presenter, video allows you to connect and educate from wherever you are and in a format that is easy for viewers to consume on mobile or tablets. It’s a great way to let your personality shine through!

It’s also a quick way to boost engagement!  

Video content that’s entertaining and informative can go viral very quickly on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

According to, the number of users on the photo and video sharing platform Instagram has surpassed 1 billion monthly active users as of June 2018. Additionally, statista reports that YouTube has over 1.5 billion users worldwide, and that number is projected to grow to 1.86 billion users globally by 2021.

Utilizing video to attract your ideal clients is no longer a “nice to have,” but rather, is becoming imperative.

From an analytics perspective, search engines love video content.  Online video provides an additional lift to awareness and message recall when used to complement existing efforts.  And, depending on its placement, fast-forwarding through is not always permitted; someone who may quickly scroll through your blog post may be less inclined to skip through video content that is brief and informative.

We often hear from coaches who aren’t utilizing video to improve the results of their online marketing because they report that getting started seems daunting! Creating videos can appear cumbersome…and for some who are confident in a one-to-one setting, the idea of broadcasting themselves to the masses feels embarrassing!

The thought of recording yourself in front of a screen, figuring out lighting, editing and packing in multiple segments can be overwhelming at first. But the first step is always the hardest. Once you’ve gotten over the initial apprehension, the rest will be easy-peasy!

To help you get started quickly and without a set up that will cost you an arm and leg, here’s a list of our favorite tips, tricks and tools to help you create your first video footage:   

iPhone:  With incredible storage space, you can easily create captivating videos with your handy iPhone.

Tripod: The Arkon iPhone tripod accommodates any phone. Hold it, place it on a desk or prop it on a chair, stool or console for easy use.

Lighting:  An easy to use and inexpensive clip-on light like the LST Selfie Ring Lighting for your smart phone will  automatically add so much dimension for your videos!

Editing software:  Invest in Camtasia for easy editing of your videos.  iMovie is a free option for Mac users.

Tip to drive traffic from your YouTube video to your website :

If you’ve been wondering how you can use video to drive traffic to your website, you’ll be happy to know that with YouTube videos, you can add ‘cards’ to your videos.

Cards can be placed anywhere on your video and you can add a link to your associated website.

So, let’s say you want your viewers to check out your website after they’ve watched your video. You can place the card towards the end of your video and then tell them to check out your website to learn more about your coaching services and book a discovery call with you from your website. With CoachVantage, you can embed a scheduling tool right in your website so your visitors can book a call with you. You can also create a “Book Session” button that links to your scheduling page so your prospects can instantly book an appointment with you.

If you have more tips or tricks that have worked especially well for you when creating and sharing video content, we’d love to have you share with our CoachVantage community! Visit our Facebook page and post your comment there or drop us a line!

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