Would you hire you as your coach?

Posted by Glen Oliveiro on January 17, 2019, in Coaching Business Coaching Mindset Personal Development Professional Development

would you hire you as your coach

To create the clients you really want, you’ve got to become the coach you’d want to hire.    – Rey CastellanosFeed Your Wolf

Standing out as a coach can be tough these days where it seems like almost anyone who provides any form of instruction, guidance, webinar or course calls themselves “coach”.

There’s a lot of noise and competition that can make standing out a challenge.

Though, if you are clear about what value you deliver and to whom, you definitely can and will stand out in a crowded place so people will want to work with you as their coach.

Think about the ways you work with others and form relationships with your clients. If you were in their shoes, would you want to work with you?

Audiences want to know the real story behind your brand. How can you get your name out there, to the right audience, with the right message about what you do and who you help?

Crafting your brand takes time and effort, and you need a thoughtful strategy if you want to resonate with your audience. There are a few essential steps you can take that will help you build authority, remain authentic and lead with your heart as you move closer toward changing lives.

Know the problem you are solving for your client.

This may seem elementary, but it’s paramount to developing a brand identity that people will connect with and talk about.

Start by making sure you know exactly what you solve for your clients. Be prepared to articulate how what you offer is unique. And, have it top of mind at all times.

As I blogged in my post on creating your mission statement – make your elevator pitch easy for you to remember so that it’s hard for others to forget!

Identify your ideal client.

It’s unrealistic and perhaps a tad egoistical to think that everyone on the face of this planet would benefit from working with you!

We can’t, and shouldn’t, be all things to all people.

Before you even begin your branding strategy, you first need to be clear about who  will benefit the most from what you have to offer and with whom you most want to work with.

This might mean turning away prospects whose ideals and values don’t jive with yours. Taking on clients who may provide unnecessary friction could lead to a disappointing relationship for everyone involved!  

One of the great things about being your own boss in this business is that it’s up to YOU to decide what types of relationships you wish to nurture.  

You may have a passion to work with people who “want more out of life” but that’s a pretty broad group!

Narrow down.

Think about the customer profile  you’d like to see in a room. How old are they? What values do they have? What does “getting more out of life” look like for them? Why aren’t they getting enough out of life now?

These are all great questions to help you narrow your focus and identify the clients you hope to reach! Once you’ve identified them – GO!  Go to where they are. Find out where they spend their days, which industry events they attend, what companies they follow on social media and take notes!

Commit to a consistent message.

To define your values and your brand, your message needs to be consistent across all platforms.

The messages you share on your website and marketing materials should be the same messages you share on social media and should complement the words you speak in front of an audience, the language you use when working with your clients and beyond.

Your ability to commit to “one brand voice” will help strengthen your identity and your credibility.

Talk to your prospects!

When you’ve got the attention of your ideal clients, make sure it’s easy for them to talk to you so that they can get that final reassurance that you’re the coach that can help them.

Make it easy for your prospects to schedule a time to have a discovery call with you.

Many coaches put a contact form on their website or simply leave an email address for people to get in touch with them. If someone does fill up that form, they have to wait until someone has seen their email and taken the time to respond back. Then they spend a few back and forth emails trying to get an appointment set up.

In this day and digital age of ‘I want it now!’, people want to get things done immediately and with as little friction as possible. Time wasted on back and forth emails just to schedule an appointment is unproductive.

Even worse, people get busy with the daily distractions of life and their initial excitement of wanting to connect with you soon wears off. Do you wonder why your email response sometimes doesn’t get a response back?

You can stand out from other coaches by making it really easy for your prospects to book a discovery call with you.


By having a scheduling tool on your website. Prospects simply choose a slot when you’re available, fill up any questions you’ve asked and confirm their booking for a chat with you.

Not only does it make you look more professional, it commits your prospects to have a chat with you as the appointment is added to their calendar. They are set up to take action!

CoachVantage is a platform that’s built specifically for coaches. It has a scheduling tool that you can embed on your website.  Or simply email a link to your clients or put in on your Facebook page so that your prospects or clients can self-book their next session with you.

You can check it out by signing up for your  free trial here.

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